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Family Cycling Essentials

Riding essentials to bring your kids on every adventure!

Family riding & what you need to know!

What could be better than doing things together? Bringing the little ones along on a bike trip is made easy with our list of family cycling essentials! Whether you're looking for a trailer, bike seat, or trail-a-bike, The Bike Shop has options to make bike outings more fun and comfortable for you and your little ones!

Trailers & Bike Seats

For the daily commute or for family adventures. Safe, easy to use, and comfortable whether the ride is short or long!

thule bike trailer man riding on path with child

Thule bike trailers

With Thule multisport bike trailers you can bring your kids on every adventure, whether it's biking, strolling, jogging, or cross-country skiing. With Thule Bike trailers for recreation, you can run daily errands with your kids or cargo - and go for fun bike outings on the weekends! 

Shop All Thule Bike Trailers 

Child bike seats

Child bike seats are ideal for the daily commute or for family adventures. Safe, easy to use and comfortable whether the ride is short or long. 

The Bike Shop stocks a variety of styles and models depending on your needs and keeping your child comfortable! We have traditional rear mounted child bike seats and front mounted child bike seats to that your little one can see the pathway ahead! 

We carry child bike seats from brands including Thule and Kids Ride Shotgun

Kids that pedal

If you're looking for ways to bring your kid and their bike, look no further! We have trail-a-bike options and tow rope options

Adams trail-a-bike


Make it easy and fun for your child to feel involved in the fun! Trail-a-bikes hitch to the back of the parents bike to make family rides a breeze. When your little one gets tired, they can leave the work up to you and sit back and enjoy the ride! 

person attaching tow rope from adult bike to kids bike

Tow Rope

For the little climbers! Take the hassle out of the hill climbs and enjoy bigger family rides togethers. The Kids Ride Shotgun Tow Rope is shock absorbing for a comfortable tow, without getting caught in the wheel. 

Simple to use, the tow rope attaches over the stem for quick use, or around the stem for longer climbs.

Bike Racks

Sometimes - most times -  the trailhead doesn't start right at the front door. We have bike racks that work for all sizes of bikes.

hitch bike rack on truck

Hitch mounted racks

If you're transporting multiple bikes, e-bikes, or full suspension bikes, look no further than a hitch mounted rack.

Securely attached to your vehicle and take seconds to install. There are a variety of styles to fit your vehicle, bike, and budget. Some racks secure the bikes through the frame of the bike and there are also options that secure by the wheel to avoid any contact with the frame. Carry up to 5 bikes, and some models conveniently fold up and swing out so you still have full access to the trunk of your vehicle.

trunk mounted bike rack on grey car

Trunk mounted racks

A perfect solution for vehicles without a hitch. Trunk mounted bike racks are secure, easy to install, and a great option for those without hitches. 

Carry up to 3 bikes that secure your bike by the frame. For kids' bikes or smaller sized bikes, an adapter bar will allow for use of this style of bike rack! 

4 bikes over tail gate with pick up pad

Pick-up & spare tire mounts

If you're the owner of a truck, a pick-up pad is a convenient way to transport bikes of all sizes! Protect both your bike and your pick-up with adjustable padded protection. Whether you're carrying one bike or seven, pick-up pads offer a secure way to transport your bikes with tie-downs and adjustable straps. Installation and removal of your bikes is quick and easy to get you and your family hitting trails as quick as possible!