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Fork Parts & Oil

SKF Fork Seals
$53.99 - $149.99
The feel of riding and durability are two decisive factors when designing seals for forks in motorcycles and bicycles. Especially in off-road applications, such as enduro or motocross, the requirements on the sealing are very demanding. SKF has developed a range of seals with this in mind. Solutions are available for both off-road and on highway use. For motorcycles, the seals come in pairs with a separate oil seal and dirt wiper seal tuned to each other to give low friction for the best riding experience, as well as long life. For bicycles the two seals can be combined into a single unit. Features An oil seal and a wiper seal to minimize contamination reaching the oil seal. Specially developed NBR elastomer with lower friction characteristics. Wiper seal with optional dual lip design for high contamination situations. New oil seal lip geometry specific to fork seals. Benefits Increased life and performance Enhanced water and dirt protection capability Reduced and constant friction over the life of seal Much improved ride comfort Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket oils Reduced wear and air suction
RockShox Dust/Oil Seal Installation Tool
$27.99 - $54.99
Keeping your fork lowers well lubed is the simplest way to prolong the life of your stanchions and bushings and thereby avoiding costly repair bills or fork replacements. When your seals start to weep excessive amounts of fluid it's time to replace them. In order to put the new seals into your lowers you're going to need the right tools for the job which is where the dust/oil seal install tool comes into play.
Fox Racing Shox Suspension Fluid
$13.00 - $39.99
Fox Suspension Fluid is 10wt or 20wt and fully synthetic Green: Used as a bath oil in all Fox Shox forks. It is also the damper oil you will need for all open bath cartridges. Red: Used solely in the older 'Open Bath' forks. Gold: Is intended for 'Fit Damper' forks.
RockShox 35mm x 6mm Foam Rings (20 pack)
Pack of 20 Foam rings for 35mm Rock Shox forks.
Fox Racing Shox Fox Float Fork Volume Spacer
$2.50 - $5.99
Changing the volume spacers in your fork is an easy internal adjustment that allows you to change the amount of mid-stroke and bottom out resistance. With this you can dial in your Fox Float fork's air volume to suit your riding style. FOX SHOX PART NUMBERS 234-04-811: Volume Spacer, Float NA 2, 32mm 8cc Blue 234-04-953: Volume Spacer, Float NA 2, 34mm 10cc Green 234-04-736: Volume Spacer, Float NA 2, 36mm 10cc Orange 234-04-628: Volume Spacer, Float NA, 36mm 7.6cc Blue 234-04-722: Volume Spacer, Float NA, 36mm 10.8cc Orange 234-04-726: Volume Spacer, Float NA 2, 40mm 10cc Red
Fox Racing Shox Fox Suspension Float Fluid (5cc Pilow Pack)
FOX Float Fluid is the perfect Anti-Friction lube to use while performing Air Sleeve Maintenance Services on ALL FOX rear bicycle shocks. Small 5cc pack is the perfect amount for Fox rear shock services.
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