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Rear Suspension Parts

Rocky Mountain ABC Pivot Maintenance Kit: 2013-2015
Rear suspension maintenance kit for: Altitude 2013-2015 Instinct 2013-2015 Includes all necessary top hat bushings, o-rings and alloy top caps. *This kit is for bikes that have an ABC link, the ABC link does not contain grease ports.
Rocky Mountain BC2 Pivot Maintenance Kit: 2013-2017
Maintenance kit for : Altitude 2013 - 2016 Instinct 2014 - 2017 Pipeline 2016 - 2017 —— Note - This kit is for bikes with the BC2 link, the BC2 will contain grease ports.
Rocky Mountain Bearing Eyelet Kit: 2018-2020
Shock bearing eyelet kit for: Thunderbolt Carbon 2018-2020 Thunderbolt Alloy 2019-2020 Instinct 2018-2020 Pipeline 2018-2019 Altitude 2018-2020 Slayer 2020
Rocky Mountain RIDE-9 Inner Chip: 2013-2017
Inner chip for legacy RIDE-9 System: Altitude 2013-2016 Instinct 2013-2017 Pipeline 2017 Thunderbolt MSL 2015-2017 Thunderbolt Alloy 730 to 750 2016-2018
Rocky Mountain Slayer Bearing Eyelet Kit: 2017-2019 Slayer
Bearing eyelet kit for : Slayer 2017-2019
Rocky Mountain Slayer Bearing Kit: 2017-2019
Bearing kit for : Slayer 2017-2019
Fox Racing Shox FOX Factory Rebuild Kit for Float Rear Shocks
Freshen up your Fox shock. It is a fairly simple service that can greatly improve the performance of an old Fox shock and bring it back to life. This kit includes everything you will need for the service. Fox Float rebuild kit for all Fox Float shocks from 2000 until current model shocks. Includes Fox Float fluid seal lubricant Includes 2 quad rings Includes 2 O-rings Includes dust wiper Includes travel indicator O-ring Includes 4 back up rings
Rocky Mountain Maintenance Kit: Thunderbolt 2015-2018
Maintenance kit for: Thunderbolt MSL 2015-2017 Thunderbolt Alloy 2016-2018
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