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Mammoth Mounts 6 Bike Rack

Mammoth Mounts 6 Bike Rack
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Color: Matte Black
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The Mammoth Mounts 6-bike rack is as strong as a mammoth and is built to last. It handles everything from family camping trips to shuttling fire roads with ease. Fits all sizes of wheels, bike frames, and even drop bar road bikes. Made in Canada with CNC laser cut steel. Galvanized and powder coated for extra corrosion resistance.

Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions N/A

We think your rack should hold your bike the same way you do — by the handlebars. This means maximum compatibility with different types of bikes. Where other racks fall short, the Mammoth rack excels. Fat bikes, kids bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes and more will fit on the rack.

The Mammoth Mounts rack has three upright positions (-5°, 0° and +5°). In addition, the rack tilts open at ~25° to allow access to your vehicle’s hatch or tailgate. Our hitch piece also has two holes to allow you to push the rack closer or further away from the vehicle by 2?. While we can’t try our rack on every vehicle out there, we’ve made it as adjustable as possible to suit your vehicle and your bikes.

Most other vertical bike racks out there rely on third-party hitch tightening devices. We wanted to build a product that was solid straight out of the box. We know that you’re not always staying on the pavement so it’s important to have a rack that’s firmly mounted to the vehicle. We’ve designed a built in anti-rattle device which keeps the rack snug in your hitch reciever. A single 9/16 bolt makes it easy to remove the rack.

We love bikes as much as you do, and we want to keep your bike protected. We’ve designed our rack with no structural welds to ensure that your bike stays on the vehicle. What does this mean? It means that if any welds on the Mammoth Mounts rack were to fail, your bike would still be safe. All of the important connections on our rack are made with grade 8 bolts and not welds.

Some might say our racks are the size of a mammoth. We built in a central pivot to make it easier to install and move the rack around.

The central pivot points on our rack use proprietary plastic washers that are custom made for Mammoth Mounts. This keeps all of the moving connections on the rack operating smoothly for years to come.

If your rack stays on your vehicle when you aren’t riding, the pivots make access to your hatch for groceries or beer runs easier.

Getting your bike stolen is the worst feeling. This is why we’ve built in a loop big enough to accept a chain or cable to lock your bikes to the rack.

Grade 8 Hardware
It’s overkill for a bike rack but we wouldn’t dream of using anything else (plus we like how it looks). Grade 8 hardware is used on all of the main structural components of the rack. These bolts have a tensile strength of over 21,000 lbs so a 35lb bike should be no problem for them.

Zinc Plating
Instead of powder coating the hitch, we plated it in zinc oxide. This piece receives a lot of abuse as the rack is installed and removed from the hitch. The plating will keep your rack looking good for years to come.

Powder Coated
The rest of the rack is powder coated in a gloss grey colour with a zinc-rich primer underneath for added corrosion resistance.

EPDM Rubber Straps
The straps holding the bikes in are made from EPDM rubber which will stretch to 2.5x its original length! The straps have several holes for adjustability with different handlebars

You pick the colour of your bike and your vehicle, why shouldn’t you be able to pick the colour of your bike rack? All our racks are powder coated a base gloss grey colour with the option of a custom graphics kit. We can make the graphics in almost any colour, from white to highlighter yellow.

Part Numbers

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Matte Black MAM-6-BLK MAM21856922K