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Hammerhead Computers

Designed to put your cycling experience first

Building the world's finest cycling computers

Hammerhead is a technology company with a mission to inspire & empower all people to unlock their athletic potential through cycling. They are on a mission to build the best product in their category.  Putting riders first and working as a team Hammerhead is focused on the core needs of the cyclist to guide the priorities of their product development.

Karoo 2

Designed to put your cycling experience first, Karoo 2 is bringing the power of modern technology to your handlebars.

Powerful features make it simple for cyclists to do structured workouts, follow routes, connect to Strava and other third parties, and get the most out of every ride.

Keep on route

Turn-by-turn navigation for every route, with audio cues and visual indicators that mean you’ll never miss a turn.

Stay connected

Receive notifications of incoming phone calls and text messages so you don’t miss anything important.

Know your data

Full-color, global maps, with all the details you need when riding, including POIs, elevation and roadway differentiation.