The Altitude Powerplay™ brings cutting-edge power to an aggressive trail bike, and opens the door to amazing terrain for all.

Introducing a fully integrated, electric-assist mountain bike that takes our Altitude’s legendary handling and ride quality and adds a compact, powerful drive system. The new Powerplay™ drive system was designed in parallel with the frame, delivering ultra-short chainstays, optimised suspension kinematics, super-low centre of gravity, and class-leading torque. The result is an e-MTB that actually rides like a proper mountain bike—perfect for everything from self-shuttling all mountain trails, finding flow between the descents, and squeezing in power lunch rides.

Rather than bolt on a bulky off-the-shelf system, we struck

out to redefine the category. The Powerplay system is

an exclusive system developed in collaboration for the 

suspension and geometry needs of proper mountain 

bikes; in fact, the geometry and pivot points of the Altitude 

Powerplay are identical to those of the new Altitude. In our 

opinion this is the first electric bike that actually rides like a 

mountain bike should.”

— Alex Cogger, Rocky Mountain Product Line Director




The RIDE-9™ adjustment system allows riders to quickly

fine-tune their geometry and suspension with a pair of 

Allen keys. Nine configurations are possible thanks to two 

interlocking chips.



Smoothlink™ suspension is efficient yet supple when you’re

on the pedals and across a wide range of gears. It features a 

controlled end-stroke and a rate-curve that feels more capable 

than the travel would suggest. This four-bar suspension design 

philosophy is centred on ride characteristics; each bike platform 

we develop balances variables like anti-squat, axle path, chain 

growth, rate curve, anti-rise, etc. to achieve the legendary Rocky

Mountain ride feel.

Size Specific


Size Specific Tune ensures that riders of all sizes get the right

balance of small-bump compliance, mid-stroke support, and 

end-stroke progressiveness. Our design team does custom 

shock tunes based on real world field testing, and adjusts 

each tune for specific frame sizes.




This 3rd generation of drive system was designed and

developed by Propulsion Powercycle and Rocky Mountain 

Bicycles in Canada. The Powerplay™ is a patented mid-drive 

system that’s under exclusive license from Propulsion 

Powercycle. The Powerplay™ drive system is a sleek, lightweight, 

and powerful electric assist that pushes the boundaries of 

electric bikes with its smooth, instant power response and 

intuitive ride feel. The Powerplay™ was designed in parallel 

with our frame, allowing us to produce an e-MTB with the same 

geometry and suspension kinematics as our unassisted 

Altitude. The system provides class-leading torque, ultra-quiet 

operation, instant power response, and super-fast charging.

Smoothwall™ Carbon


Smoothwall™ carbon uses one of the world’s most

sophisticated carbon processes to deliver industry leading 

stiffness-to-weight, ride quality, and durability. We eliminate 

excess resin and fibers by using rigid internal molds instead 

of traditional air bladders. We then utilize different types of 

carbon in specific frame areas to maximize stiffness and 

impact resistance while minimizing overall weight.

FORM™ Alloy


FORM™ tubesets utilize premium

materials to meet our strict 

requirements. Each FORM™ tube 

that we create is engineered for its 

specific purpose within the frame, 

ensuring optimized strength, 

weight, and ride quality.

Key Details

It’s an Altitude

The Altitude Powerplay has the same geometry and suspension performance as the unassisted Altitude platform. It is the first e-MTB that features true aggressive trail ride feel.

Next generation drive system

The Powerplay™ drive system was designed from the ground up to allow true mountain bike performance, while providing class-leading torque, massive battery capacity, and ultra quiet operation.

Intuitive pedal assist

An in-line torque sensor provides smooth, instant power response, making for an intuitive, natural 

ride with no learning curve. Get on and go.

Charge fast, then charge hard

The 48v system provides super short charge times, taking only two hours to reach 80% capacity of the available 632Wh lithium ion battery.

Fully supported

Easily serviceable components, with both replacement parts and strong dealer service support in Canada.

Made in Canada

The Powerplay™ drive system was born from the desire to push the boundaries of electric assist bikes. We knew from the project’s outset that to design an electric mountain bike to our suspension and geometry standards, we would need to take a fresh approach.

The low-mounted motor keeps the centre of gravity low and the entire system compact, while allowing for ultra-short chainstays and a bottom bracket that is integral to the frame. We use a high efficiency, three-phase brushless motor to provide class-leading torque and ultra quiet operation. To get instant power response on trail, we put the torque sensor between the chainring and the drive gear, and our 48v battery voltage allows for super fast charging.

This 3rd generation of drive system was designed and developed by Propulsion Powercycle and Rocky Mountain Bicycles in Canada. The Powerplay drive system is a sleek, lightweight, and powerful electric assist that pushes the boundaries of electric bikes with its smooth, instant power response and intuitive ride feel.


  • High efficiency, three-phase brushless motor providesclass-leading torque

  •  Instant, natural power response makes for an intuitive ride, thanks to an in-line torque sensor

  • Ultra-quiet drive operation

  • 48v battery voltage for fast-charging and heat management in high-torque scenarios

  • To prevent creaking and wear, pedaling forces are isolated from the drive system via a bottom bracket shell that is integral to the frame itself

  • Increased stiffness thanks to structural motor casing

  • Compact, low-profile motor design with reinforced motor casing and integrated motor-brace bashguard

  • Display-free with a low-profile remote for a pure ride experiene


  • Bar-mounted remote displays assist level, battery level, and diagnostics; controls three assist levels and “walk” mode

  • Optional eBikeMotion mobile app (iOS & Android) connects via Bluetooth and provides a wide range of system customization, reach estimates, ride tracking, and more

  • Available with a massive 632Wh lithium-ion battery

  • Minimal drag when exceeding the motor speed or when drive system is disengaged thanks to crankset clutch and elimination of traditional e-bike gearbox

  • Based on a third generation electric drive system that's been in development since 2010

  • Dealer service and parts support in Canada

  • Wear items (BB, drive sprocket) are shop-serviceable with common shop tools

  • Works with standard Race Face bottom bracket and crankset

  • Charge fast, then charge hard: ultra fast charge times of 1 hour 40 minutes (to 80%) with the 500Wh battery, or 2 hours (to 80%) with the 632Wh battery