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Between February 1- April 1
For every kids' bike sold at The Bike Shop

We will donate $100 towards Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation

About the Foundation

The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation proudly serves as the primary charitable fundraiser for the Alberta Children's Hospital and Child Health & Wellness Research at the University of Calgary. They also partner with Alberta Health Services and agencies in their community to support child health advancements across the city and province.

From now until April 2023, for every kids' bike sold at The Bike Shop, we will donate $100 towards the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.

Shop by wheel size

Kids' bikes come in a wide range of sizes, and they are most commonly referred to by their wheel size which can range from 12" right up to 27.5". Manufacturers tend to use both age and/or height as the guiding factors when choosing the right size bike for your child. Balancing height, age, and riding ability is important when choosing either a first bike or a new bike for your child.

A bike that fits well is easier for learning to ride, and ultimately more enjoyable for your child from day one. Generally, you’ll know you have the right fit if your child is feeling confident and excited on the bike. 

Size brackets are wide and tend to overlap, plus all bikes fit a little differently. Here is a rough guideline for sizing a bike for your child:

12" Bike

2-4 years old

16" Bike

3-6 years old

20" Bike

5-8 years old

24" Bike

7+ years old

What's the best kids' bike for my child?

There are lots of kids’ bikes to choose from, so narrowing down your options can be hard! The main thing is to ensure the purpose and features of the bike match your child’s skill level. For example, most young kids will likely only ride short distances around the neighborhood. They benefit from a simple, hybrid-style kids’ bike without unnecessary features. As kids get older and gain more skills, they’ll be able to choose from several types of bikes with many different kinds of features.

red trek kids bike

Kids' hybrid bikes

This type of bike is a great choice for cruising around the neighbourhood, pathways and will provide a great foundation for learning the skills essential to enjoying a lifetime on two wheels. They are designed for comfort and confidence building, whether on roads or light gravel paths.

green rocky mountain kids bike

Kids' mountain bikes

Some kids’ bikes have rugged styling but are still meant to be ridden on pavement. True youth mountain bikes are designed specifically for off-road riding. They have parts designed to handle bumps, rocks, and dirt—like knobby tires and, on some models, suspension forks. If your child has the advanced handling, shifting, and braking skills necessary to properly use a complicated bike, and shows an interest in hitting the trail, it might be time for a kids’ mountain bike.