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Gravel Cycling Essentials

Riding essentials, repair-kits, apparel & storage!

Gravel rides & what you need to know!

Nothing quite beats the road less traveled - the freedom, adventure, and the experiences of gravel riding. The key to unlocking it starts with the right gear for the job. Whether you're doing short rides, day trips, or multi day grinds, there are key gravel cycling essentials that will help make your experience more enjoyable. Gear that will help you ride longer and faster all with the goal of keeping the good times rolling!


Staying safe on your gravel ride is essential. Stay visible and be prepared!

Road cyclist wearing helmet and sunglasses

Cycling Eyewear

Clear vision is essential when navigating the road and pathways. Sunglasses provide protection for your eyes from any dust or debris that you might cross paths with. 

Cycling sunglasses are ventilated to prevent fog and designed to accommodate wearing a helmet. Not only does bike eyewear protect your eyes from debris, they also can help with visibility on sunny and low light days. They come with a variety of lens options for the different riding conditions you might meet.

woman buckling up road cycling helmet

Bike helmets

Helmets provide the much needed protection and safety you need in the case of a fall or crash. No matter how careful you are or how skilled of a rider you are, accidents happen and when they do, you'll be happy that you wore a helmet to protect your precious cargo. 

Bike helmets have different technologies to create light wight, well ventilated, and enhanced safety features such as MIPS and ANGI to keep you safe and comfortable.

$100.00 - $119.99
$119.99 - $149.99
$164.99 - $209.99
$199.99 - $209.99
$140.00 - $200.00
$150.00 - $169.99
$159.99 - $214.99
$199.99 - $214.99

Apparel & Accessories

Cycling apparel and accessories purpose built for shielding you from the elements and keep you comfortable and dry.

two cyclists riding gravel bikes

Cycling apparel

Whether you're looking for a transitional piece you can bike and look casual in or if you're looking for a technical piece to shield you from the elements, The Bike Shop has you covered!

We stock everything from insulated and waterproof jackets to merino wool shirts and tech tees. Proper apparel can really make or break your riding experience. Fabrics that wick moisture away, put padding where it's needed, and are purposefully designed with the riding position in mind will help improve your cycling experience.

gravel bike riding through puddle

Cycling shoes

If you haven't already converted to clipless pedals, we urge you to consider! Improved power transfer, less fatigue, and more control are all benefits you'll get with a clipless pedal and shoe set up. 

Cycling shoes have a stiff sole to help with energy transfer and use materials that help dampen vibrations to assist with negating fatigue. Leaving you more energized to keep riding longer!

gravel bike with green cycling bags

Bags & Storage

Packs in different places! Whether you're riding for a few hours or a few days, you're going to need some capacity of storage for repair tools, snacks, keys, and anything else you might need for your gravel adventures.

Depending on your set up, The Bike Shop stocks multiple types of bags and storage options. On the frame packs help keep the centre of gravity low, minimizing impact on handling. Cockpit bags create an even balanced load. Useful for storing items over long distances and keeping essentials within arms reach. Saddle bags securely attach beneath the saddle and is ideal for carrying tools or lightweight items. Whatever it is you're trying to travel with on your gravel rig, we have a bag for the job!

Tools & Repairs

Flats happen! Make sure you're equipped to handle any minor repair you might run into during your commute

bike tire with presta valve

Bike tubes

Carrying a spare tube - or a few - during your gravel ride is absolutely essential! Flats happen, and when they do you'll be happy you came prepared for the job with a spare tube.

Your tire tube size can be found on the side wall of your tire. It's also important to take note of the type of valve stem your bike has. A schrader valve will look familiar, like the valve stem on your vehicle. A presta valve is a long skinny valve stem with a little nut on the end of it.

Lezyne SV pro multi tool

Multi tools

A multi tool is really handy to carry with you on your ride in case of any minor repair you might need to make. Things like a loose stem or handlebar can happen if you're not checking regularly. Or perhaps you need to make a minor adjustment to your saddle height. With a multi tool you'll be able to make those small adjustments without a problem.

We stock a variety of multi tools that include the basic essentials to more complex tools that include chain breakers. The multi tool is the ultimate package to complete any on commute repair.

Lezyne Co2 inflating tire

Pumps & CO2

Gravel bike tires are typically high pressure and to be able to inflate to the proper PSI, a floor pump is essential to have at home to check before you ride and a CO2 cartridge and hand pump can be useful for on ride flat repairs.

Floor pumps have a gauge to indicate your tires PSI level. You can find the recommended PSI on the side wall of your tire. Keeping your tires within the proper range is important to avoid pinch flats. It's recommended to check your PSI before every ride and top up with air as needed. 

For on ride repairs, getting your tire pressure to where it needs to be can feel impossible with just a hand pump. Carrying a CO2 inflater and a couple of cartridges will really assist with inflating your tires to where they need to be when fixing a flat on a ride.