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Bike racks for every style of vehicle

Bring your bikes with you everywhere you go!

Car racks & what you need to know

Car racks are designed to safely transport your bikes securely on your vehicle. The trail head rarely starts at the front door, so being able to bring your bike with you for the commute to your starting point is essential. Along with bringing your bike in for service at your Local Bike Shop, there are a variety of reasons why you would need take your bike for a car ride. Depending on the style of vehicle, there are a variety of styles when it comes to car racks. Hitch mounted, trunk mounted, vertical, pick-up, and spare-tire mounted, there is a bike rack that will work for you and your budget!

two e-bikes on the back of an suv

E-bike car racks

Electric bikes take a little extra care when transporting, Which is why we have e-bike friendly car racks to secure your e-bike! E-bikes are heavier than traditional pedal bikes and don't always fall under the weight limit of some car racks. Beyond weight, there are other variables you'll want to consider such as tire size, your vehicles mounting points, and your battery. 

When transporting your e-bike it's recommended to remove the battery and store safely and securely inside your vehicle to prevent and damage. 

Check the weight capacity on the bike rack you choose to ensure your e-bike falls within it's weight limit. 

mountain bike on hitch mounted car rack

Hitch mounted racks

If you're transporting multiple bikes, e-bikes, or full suspension bikes, look no further than a hitch mounted rack.

Securely attached to your vehicle and take seconds to install. There are a variety of styles to fit your vehicle, bike, and budget. Some racks secure the bikes through the frame of the bike and there are also options that secure by the wheel to avoid any contact with the frame. Carry up to 5 bikes, and some models conveniently fold up and swing out so you still have full access to the trunk of your vehicle.

bike on trunk mounted car rack

Trunk mounted

A perfect solution for vehicles without a hitch. Trunk mounted bike racks are secure, easy to install, and a great option for those without hitches. 

Carry up to 3 bikes that secure your bike by the frame. For kids' bikes or smaller sized bikes, an adapter bar will allow for use of this style of bike rack! 

4 bikes on the back of a pick up pad

Pick-up & spare tire mounts

If you're the owner of a truck, a pick-up pad is a convenient way to transport bikes of all sizes! Protect both your bike and your pick-up with adjustable padded protection. Whether you're carrying one bike or seven, pick-up pads offer a secure way to transport your bikes with tie-downs and adjustable straps. Installation and removal of your bikes is quick and easy to get you and your family hitting trails as quick as possible!

roof top car rack on SUV driving

Roof mounted bike racks

Roof racks are designed to ensure maximum protection for your bike. Choose between fork, frame or wheel mounted options. Roof bike racks are versatile and customizable. The main benefit of a roof top bike rack is the added stability, extra storage space, and unhindered access to the trunk of your vehicle. Roof mounted racks also provide a clear line of sight out of the rearview mirror.