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Bike Park Essentials

Everything you need for an epic bike park day

Riding bike park & what you need to know!

Before heading out for some epic riding, whether you're riding bike park or shuttling, you're going to need a few things to ensure an ultra fun and of course a safe day on the trails. Having some of these essentials will help you ride longer so that nothing stops the fun!

Safety Protection

Riding bike park can be hard on the body...and the bike. Make sure you're prepped to keep yourself safe and comfortable.

down hill protective knee pad

Protective Gear

Protective bike gear is a critical piece of equipment for any kind of aggressive riding. Protective padding has come a long way, gone are the days of bulky, hard, stiff armour that leaves you sweaty and contributes to fatigue. Modern cycling protective gear is lightweight, mobile, minimalist and extraordinarily ergonomic. Purpose built with cycling in mind, these pads will keep you protected and comfortable no matter where your bike takes you!

At The Bike Shop, we offer a large selection of bike protective gear including shin guards, knee pads, hip protection, arm guards, elbow guards, and any other guard you can think of!

down hill riding full face with goggles

Bike goggles

Clear vision is essential when navigating through technical trails. Bike goggles provide protection for your eyes from any dust, rocks, or branches that you might cross paths with. 

Bike goggles are ventilated to prevent fog and most accommodate tear offs for those messy rides. Not only do bike goggles protect your eyes from debris, they also can help with visibility on sunny and low light days. Bike goggles come with a variety of lens options for the different riding conditions you might meet.

downhill fullface helmet with goggles

Full face bike helmet

Helmets provide the much needed protection and safety you need in the case of a fall or crash. No matter how careful you are or how skilled of a rider you are, accidents happen and when they do, you'll be happy that you wore a helmet to protect your precious cargo. 

Full face bike helmets have come a long way. Full face helmets have different technologies to keep them light wight, well ventilated, and enhanced safety features such as MIPS to keep you safe and comfortable.

DH Bike Apparel

Proper DH bike apparel will keep you protected and cool throughout your day from head to toe!

tying down hill mountain bike shoe on rocks

Cycling shoes

Whether you're using flat pedals or clips, bike shoes help protect your feet and reduce fatigue. Bike shoes will have a stiff sole to help support you, reduce fatigue, and increase energy transfer whether you're pedalling or standing up. Most bike shoes that are designed with DH in mind will have a stiff toe cap to protect your feet and have you covered in the most technically challenging conditions.

At The Bike Shop we have a large selection of cycling shoes designed for mountain riding whether you're rocking flat pedals or clips!

$144.00 - $180.00
$160.00 - $180.00
$200.00 - $260.00
$100.00 - $180.00
$110.00 - $140.00
$154.00 - $220.00
$98.00 - $140.00
$160.00 - $260.00
$110.00 - $140.00
$128.00 - $160.00
$126.00 - $220.00
$180.00 - $220.00

fox gloves for dh riding gripping handlebar

Bike gloves

Gloves for gravity riding host a variety of purposes such as grip, protection, dexterity, and shields your hands from the elements on mud filled rainy days. 

Like a second skin, the technology in gloves makes them more comfortable than ever and purpose built for the demanding dexterity that's required on your bike. There is a whole lot of personal preference when it comes to bike gloves which is why at The Bike Shop we have brought in a huge selection of models to choose from!

Fox downhill pants man sitting on side of truck

Gravity apparel

More than just for looking cool, apparel designed for gravity riding provides protection from the elements and keeps you cool and comfortable so you can focus on the fun!

The combination of reinforced durable fabrics and ventilated stretchy fabric where it's needed makes apparel designed for dh an essential. From breathable long sleeve jerseys to durable down hill race pants. 

Tools & Repairs

Gravity riding and park laps can be hard on your rig, having basics on hand to patch up any minor repair needed can keep the fun rolling!

mountain bike tire

Bike tube

Carrying a spare tube is absolutely essential! Flats happen, and when they do you'll be happy you came prepared for the job with a spare tube.

Your tire tube size can be found on the side wall of your tire. It's also important to take note of the type of valve stem your bike has. A schrader valve will look familiar, like the valve stem on your vehicle. A presta valve is a long skinny valve stem with a little nut on the end of it.

Lezyne SV pro multi tool

Multi tools

A multi tool is really handy to carry with you in case of any minor repair you might need to make. Things like a loose stem or handlebar can happen if you're not checking regularly. Or perhaps you need to make a minor adjustment to your saddle height. With a multi tool you'll be able to make those small adjustments without a problem.

We stock a variety of multi tools that include the basic essentials to more complex tools that include chain breakers. The multi tool is the ultimate package to complete any on commute repair.