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The Bike Shop Custom MMBTS Trail signage

The Bike Shop Custom MMBTS Trail signage
Race of Spades
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Support your favorite Trail association and have some art of your favorite trails for your bike cave.

All profits will go to support the trail association, to help out with community events as well as the maintenance and development of the trails.

MMBTS maintains 60km+ of sweet singletrack, on Moose Mountain & Prairie Mountain.

The trails include a solid mix of XC and DH, leaving riders of all skill levels with ear-to-ear grins, and forest silence broken with excited laughter.

Series 1 Signs - Moose Mountain Trail System

From May 15th each year the trails are shuttle accessible with parking out of Ing Mine just west of the base of Moose Mountain road. Uphill pedal options are also available via Family Guy, Pneuma, and the road itself.

All trails on the west side of the road ultimately end at Ing Mine while trails off the east side of the road end at Station Flats (east on Hwy 66).

For more information on MMBTS

The name is pronounced “7 of 27 Descent” and is inspired by the unique well identifier for the Shell 7 of 27 well site. The well is located in Legal Sub-Division 7 of Section 27 Township 22 Range 6 west of the 5th Meridian. (near the entrance to Billy Dog) The trail starts near the Shell 7 of 27 well site. The name might also make one think of the popular 3 engine Boeing 727 aircraft of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The 7-27 Descent trail was included in the MMBTS 5 year plan prepared in late 2010.

In 2015 the first 1.5 km of trail was machine built thanks to Cornerstone Excavating of Kimberley and a $28,822 grant from the Alberta Recreational Trails Partnership. The remaining 1.1 km was hand built by a few dedicated volunteers and will hopefully be upgraded in the future. The machine built portion of the trail is fast and flowy featuring numerous rollers, doubles and table tops. The trail will help intermediate riders progress their skill level with jumps.
*lower section is under construction, watch for changes in trail, features and workers. Ride with care.

Courtsey of Trailforks

One of the O.G. DH trails on Moose, RoS has seen plenty of changes over the years. The main line down is a blue DH descent with ride-arounds for everything. If it's your first time down in a while, definitely look before you leap, as some TTFs have changed significantly over the last couple of years. The black/advanced features are much harder than the blue features - lots of consequences.

Courtesy of Trailforks

T-Dub is a shuttle/downhill trail accessed after a very brief pedal at the end of the Moose Mountain road. The trail has many technical features, both natural and man made. These range from small booters to a large whale-tail canyon gap on the lower portion of the trail. The trail ends at Canyon Creek, requiring a pedal back to the Ing Mine parking lot.

The trail offers a variety of sections that makes it a lot of fun to ride over and over again.

Courtsey of Trailforks 

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