Northwave Celsius Arctic GTX

Northwave Celsius Arctic GTX
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Celsius Arctic GTX boots are made with a water repellent, breathable material with superior insulation for protection and comfort in truly Arctic conditions.

The Northwave Celsius Arctic GTX MTB Boot has set the bar for protective MTB footwear, providing ultimate protection in even the worst conditions. This Northwave Shoe has been designed to battle temperatures ranging from a chilly 5 degrees to a thoroughly arctic -35 degrees. Studies have shown that cycling at higher speeds rapidly increases heat loss from the body and considering your entire body is supported by your feet during riding, it is of great importance that they are kept warm. Every feature and point of design has been strategically chosen to produce one of the best winter performers on the market.

Gore-Tex Upper
Jaws Carbon Reinforced Sole
Speed Lace System and Hook and Loop Closure
Ultra Y Heel
G.T.X Footbed
Rated -25C to +5C
SPD compatible

The Koala Gore-Tex® membrane, available in all North wave’s Artic models, grants the maximum barrier against cold thanks to its strong insulating fibres, making it suitable for winter use, even in harshest climates. It provides maximum protection from rain, wind and snow while maintaining excellent breathability to ensure feet are always dry and warm. The specific material, moreover, is easily washable even in case of use in extreme muddy conditions.


The sole is made of thermoplastic enriched with carbon powder, this provides rigidity at a low weight. The front end of the sole is divided into 2 parts, a mid sole in fibre with added carbon powder and an outsole. The natural rubber rear part is designed to ensure maximum grip.


A fast, simple and secure closure mechanism, just pull the cord and push the clip downward to automatically lock the laces in place.