Grip Studs Bike Tire Studs - 100 Pack

Grip Studs Bike Tire Studs - 100 Pack
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Grip Studs® bicycle tire studs are up to the task of managing even the iciest terrain. This capable tire stud with its solid tungsten carbide shaft prevents spinning out on ice and snow all season long. Its unique wide–auger design installs easily with a cordless drill without tedious gluing or complicated techniques, and it stays put like no other screw–in stud. Grip Studs® shallow auger depths work in most off road tires and are easily removed at season’s end if desired.

•Easy-to-install Grip Studs® for tires, tracks and soles.

•Durable Tungsten Carbide performance tip and core.

•Wide-auger threads hold tire studs in place; Grip Studs® won't back out.

•Notched for easy installation and removal.

•Wide selection of sizes to fit most tires and soles.

•Installation and removal tools for use in power drills.

Technical Info:
Application Bicycles, Scooters, Running Shoes
Dimensions 6 x 8.4 mm
(from tire or tread surface)
2.2 mm
Stud Penetration 
(into tire or tread surface)
6.2 mm
Minimum Tread Depth 5 mm
Carbide Tip Width 1.7 mm
Corresponding Tool #4000 Power Install Tool

Part Numbers

616298011002 AA-GST 1000CLAM100 GRI258241650