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FOX SLS series Spring

FOX SLS series Spring
$171.99 - $176.00
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These SLS springs are a lighter weight steel spring option offered in addition to our standard steel springs. The new SLS springs from FOX are lighter than titanium springs at more affordable prices. A proprietary surface treatment and stress relief process removes residual stresses from the spring, allowing them to withstand higher stresses. Each spring is optimized by using a smaller wire diameter and fewer coils, creating a lighter spring.

For 2019 FOX has developed a new line of SLS springs to optimize performance on all coil shock platforms including the newer metric and trunnion options. All 2019 SLS springs are Orange and are marked with their spring rate in lbs/in and the total travel of the spring itself in both standard and metric. 2019 SLS springs should only be paired with shocks having less travel than the travel marked on the spring itself.

2.4in/61mm Travel Springs -
7.875inx2.25in, 185mm(T)x50mm, 185mm(T)x52.5mm, 185mm(T)x55mm, 210mmx50mm, 210mmx52.5mm, 210mmx55mm, 230mmx57.5mm

2.65in/67mm Travel Springs -
8.50inx2.50in, 205mm(T)x60mm, 205mm(T)x62.5mm, 205mm(T)x65mm, 230mmx60mm, 230mmx62.5mm, 230mmx65mm

2.9in/74mm Travel Springs -
8.75inx2.75in, 225mm(T)x70mm, 250mmx70mm

3.15in/80mm Travel Springs -
9.50inx3.00in, 225mm(T)x72.5mm, 225mm(T)x75mm, 250mmx72.5mm, 250mmx75mm

3.65in/93mm Travel Springs -

For all Spring Calculations please go to the link below -

WARNING: Modification or alteration of a FOX product can cause product failure resulting in SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH. Never modify or alter ANY part of a FOX product (including coil springs, lower leg cross brace, crown, steerer, upper tubes, lower leg, air can, seat post, air volume spacers, internals, axle slit shims, axle adapters, or any other parts).

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
2.4in/61mm / 425lb/in 611056173268 033-22-005 FOX57328562S
2.4in/61mm / 450lb/in 611056173275 033-22-006 FOX57894150S
2.4in/61mm / 475lb/in 611056173282 033-22-007 FOX57767403S
2.4in/61mm / 500lb/in 611056173299 033-22-008 FOX33191704G
2.4in/61mm / 550lb/in 611056173305 033-22-009 FOX57321585S
2.4in/61mm / 600lb/in 611056173312 033-22-010 FOX57387273S
2.65in/67mm / 400lb/in 611056173404 033-22-019 FOX58213093S
2.65in/67mm / 425lb/in 611056173411 033-22-020 FOX58338288S
2.65in/67mm / 500lb/in 611056173442 033-22-023 FOX58101512S
2.65in/67mm / 550lb/in 611056173459 033-22-024 FOX58237698S
2.65in/67mm / 600lb/in 611056173466 033-22-025 FOX58237224S
2.9in 74mm / 600lb/in 611056173596 033-22-038 FOX57189293S
3.15in/80mm / 450lb/in 611056173695 033-22-049 FOX58617416S