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Factor Bikes OSTRO VAM Custom Build 105 Di2 56cm

Factor Bikes OSTRO VAM Custom Build 105 Di2 56cm
Bottom Bracket:
Ceramic Speed Included
Bar Included
Racing Green
Shimano FC-R7100, 105,50-34T, 172.5mm
Michelin, Power Cup TLR, 700x28C
No Powermeter
Drivetrain Kit:
105 Di2 7100 Build Kit
Wheelset: Front/Rear:
Shimano 105 WH-RS710-C46-TL Wheelset
Seatpost Included
Shimano R7100 105 11 - 34T
Stem Included
Please select options Unavailable


The OSTRO VAM is an ‘everything’ bike, a master of all trades. Searingly fast, incredibly light, and supremely comfortable, it’s ready to win sprints, mountain stages and cobbled Classics. It’s the ultimate all-rounder because it refuses to compromise. If you’re the sort of rider who races with ‘the knife between your teeth’ no matter the parcours, this is the bike you’ve been waiting for. When we say you can have it all, we mean it.

The OSTRO VAM is an aero disc-brake frame which weighs just 830g (painted, size 54, Flicker design). We have used the very best materials to reach such a low weight, laying up the ultimate carbon materials perfectly to ensure low weight, responsive ride, and durability. It can easily be built up to below the UCI 6.8kg weight limit, which is unique among aero frames. That means that the aero advantages come without the usual weight penalty. Few rides or race routes are exclusively mountainous or flat roads so, naturally, you want it all: speed and lightweight. The OSTRO is the everything bike, making you fast whatever the terrain.

As an aero racing bike that has proved itself on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, the OSTRO VAM will also be ideal for your roughest, longest roads. Its remarkably smooth ride is thanks to several factors. First the carbon fiber choice and layup combine to achieve a high level of frame compliance without sacrificing any of the power transfer efficiency. At the rear, the ViSTA-style pencil seat stays are designed to absorb road noise and cushion bumps. And the ability to fit up to 32mm wide tires only enhances the OSTRO’s comfort-oriented design features.

You can make a bike as light and aero as you like, but if you get the fit wrong, you’re not going to be enjoying your rides. To feel comfortable and have confidence in your handling, it’s essential to match your style to the right geometry. Like the O2 and O2 VAM, the OSTRO VAM is a pure racing bike intended to get the rider into an aggressive stance, and consequently they all share very similar geometries throughout the sizes. Geometry standardization makes it easier for our pros to switch between bikes during races, and it will help you stick to your comfort zone for your most important events.

Though aerodynamics and lightweight frequently are playing tug-of-war, the OSTRO VAM design makes sure these two essential considerations are both pulling in the same direction. In designing the OSTRO, Factor considered every aspect of the frame and applied the optimum aero profile, with particular regard to the transitions between frame sections and to performance across a full range of effective wind angles. The tube profiles are derived from NACA (National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics) shapes, oriented along the waterline (horizontal) in line with airflow and optimised for ride quality and aero-to-weight balance by truncating the aero section aggressively.

The one-piece, aerodynamic Black Inc Barstem reduces drag by meeting clean incoming airflow with a clean shape. Fully internal cabling brings further gains and Factor has achieved this while maintaining a 1?” top headset bearing for optimised frontal area, whereas many other brands increase the head tube size to accommodate internal cabling, cancelling out the benefits. And the introduction of CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings removes any worry of headset maintenance.

Enhancing comfort and making the most of the aerodynamic benefits offered by Black Inc’s wide rims, the OSTRO VAM can accommodate up to 32mm tires.

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Adult bike Shipping cost - $100+Pst/Gst

When traversing countless steep pitches, weight matters. The target 1950g frame weight is achieved by careful placement of the most advanced composite materials available and countless hours iterating and testing to ensure ride performance, durability and strength are all in balance.

Hydration is critical on any long ride or race. The BC40 Design allows for a full size bottle on the downtube and small bottle on the seat tube. 

Part Numbers

FAC357115162 FAC357115162