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Apidura Cargo Cage

Apidura Cargo Cage
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A versatile cargo cage that provides modular carrying capacity for two and three bolt accessory mounts.

The Innovation Lab Cargo Cage provides a secure mounting point for attaching bags and accessories using the bottle cage and accessory mounts commonly found on forks and downtubes.

The cargo cage features a two-bolt mounting plate complemented by an optional foot that can be used to extend the cage to fit three-bolt mounts and provide extra carrying capacity in either configuration.

A streamlined design ensures clearance for chainrings and crank arms and the universal strap attachment system creates versatility whether using an Apidura Expedition pack, Voile Straps or webbing and buckle systems.

The cargo cage is precision crafted from lightweight ADC-12 aluminium alloy and anodized for a corrosion-resistant finish. It comes supplied with three M5 hex-headed stainless steel bolts.

• ADC-12 aluminium alloy, anodized black
• 3 x 12mm M5 hex-headed stainless-steel bolts

Part Numbers

5060422140925 API21301140K