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Road Wheels

A new level of SHIMANO carbon wheel Shimano has brought full carbon wheels to a new level. With a development concept shared with DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, the new full carbon wheels offer balanced performance at a lower price. The C32, with its focus on acceleration and climbing, shares DNA with the C36 DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA wheel options. Simple design that can be easily matched to any bike Most affordable SHIMANO carbon road wheel 32 mm height full carbon rim Internal rim width: 21 mm Road 11 & 12-speed compatible
Faster, further, and more fun The new GRX wheel supports gravel rides that are faster, further, and more fun. Wider tires need wider rims to maintain lateral tire stability at low air pressures. Shimano studied the complicated relationship between tire size, rim width, air pressure, and tire lateral rigidity to optimize the GRX rim width for 32-50c tires. In addition, we pursued the best balance of rim weight, strength, and profile in order to deliver an exceptional gravel wheel. 32 mm height full carbon rim Internal rim width: 25 mm Recommended tire size: 32-622 - 50-622 Road 11 & 12-speed compatible
Gravel Specific Wheelset Faster, further, and more fun SHIMANO RX880 carbon wheels are 64 grams lighter per pair than their predecessors and feature the same shallow 32 mm rim height for faster acceleration and quicker climbing. The low profile also ensures better control in cross winds, and these tubeless wheels employ a modern 25 mm inner rim width suitable for tires up to 50 mm wide. Borrowing from DURA-ACE wheels, the RX880 receives a DIRECT ENGAGEMENT freehub construction for added driving rigidity. 32 mm full carbon rim Recommended tire size: 32-622 - 50-622 Two replaceable freewheel body options HG spline L2 and MICRO SPLINE Modern 25 mm inner rim width 24 J-bend spokes front and rear
For the rider that braves the toughest of road conditions, the RX830 wheelset has you covered. A 35 mm tubeless rim helps you avoid punctures while a CENTER LOCK disc hub provides confidant braking in inclement weather. Finally, labyrinth seals keep the RX830 hubs rolling smoothly for years. FEATURES - All-round wheelset - Balanced low inertia & aerodynamics - Responsive acceleration - Lightweight within rigid Carbon laminated construction - Easy maintenance : Digital cone bearing adjustment system - Disc brake system :CENTER LOCK
Balancing aerodynamics, weight, and affordability, the new ULTEGRA R8170 C50 wheelset is sure to inspire action on your group ride with its all-new tubeless carbon rim and updated, 12 and 11-speed compatible hub. Summiting climbs, carving descents, or cruising the flats, the new C50 is the jack of all trades among the new ULTEGRA R8170 wheel lineup. The tubeless, carbon rim features a 21 mm internal width that pairs nicely with wider, modern tires while the HYPERGLIDE cassette body is compatible with 11 and 12-speed cassettes. - 50 mm height full carbon rim - Internal rim width: 21 mm - Shared rim profile with R9200 DURA-ACE wheels - Improved aerodynamics
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