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Exceptionally lightweight and well-ventilated full-face protection with integrated tech for extra safety. The Otocon Race Mips brings new meaning to the concept of lightweight full-face protection. Weighing less than 750g, the highly ventilated helmet features integrated technology including Mips® rotational impact protection, NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme® and a RECCO® Reflector to enhance safety. The dual-material liner balances durability and weight, bringing all-day comfort and protection. Features including the Race Lock integrated adjustment system, internal ventilation channels and removable cheek pads give extra comfort and security whether racing downhill or pushing hard uphill on an enduro transfer stage. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Aramid bridges - Breakaway peak - Innovative airflow channels - Removable cheek pads
Exceptional coverage, uninterrupted ventilation, a fully adjustable fit and integrated technology for enhanced safety. The MTB helmet where boundaries don't apply. Extended protection zones, exceptional ventilation and integrated technology to protect before, during and after an accident make the Kortal Race Mips ideal for enduro. It featuresthe Mips Integra rotational impact protection system, as well as a RECCO® Reflector and an integrated NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme® stores a rider's vital info so it can be accessed in an instant at the scene of an accident. The adjustable, detachable helmet peak raises high on the helmet so goggles can be stored. Rear ventilation can also be used to securely store sunglasses. No ventilation gets covered by a goggle strap, helping riders stay cool. The helmet is certified to the Dutch NTA 8776 electric bicycle helmet standard, the only such standard in the world. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Eye garage - Goggle compatible ventilation - Patented breakaway peak - E-bike ready
With precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control air intake and release at both low and high speeds, the Ventral Air Mips ensures a supreme cooling effect over the whole head. Our new performance helmet is designed to deliver coolness in ways like never before. With precise ventilation ports and internal channels to control air intake and release at both low and high speeds, the helmet provides a supreme cooling effect over the whole head. Ideal for long rides in the mountains or hotter days in the saddle. The Ventral Air Mips works to enhance a rider's aerodynamic profile and minimize drag. Specific airflow zones enhance ventilation and cooling, while the aerodynamically optimized trailing edge reduces turbulence. The exceptionally lightweight road cycling helmet has been developed according to POC's Whole Helmet Concept™. It features a fully wrapped unibody shell construction and an EPS liner, delivering an ideal balance between weight and safety. The addition of Mips enhances rotational impact protection. Practical features include a lightweight size adjustment system that guarantees a personalized fit, and an eye garage for easy and secure storage of eyewear mid-ride. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - CFD tested - 22° trailing edge minimizes turbulence - Eye garage
The Tectal Race Mips is an advanced trail, enduro and all-mountain bike helmet with aramid penetration reinforcement, a lightweight size adjustment system and Mips rotational impact protection. The Tectal Race Mips remains at the forefront of protection for all kinds of mountain bikers. One of the first helmets to adopt an extended shell design for extra protection across more of the head, the helmet has now been updated to include Mips for increased rotational impact protection. Developed using POC's Whole Helmet Concept™, the helmet delivers superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, for extra safety on the trails. An aramid bridge molded to the helmet liner enhances structural integrity and improves penetration protection, so you can ride with confidence even under low tree branches. The helmet's ventilation design has been tested and perfected in a wind tunnel, ensuring the helmet delivers lightweight, reliable protection while keeping you cool no matter how hard you push on the trails. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Aramid Bridges - Wind-tunnel optimized ventilation - Extended protection zones - Eye garage
The VPD Air + Tee is the optimal protection for those riders who require maximum back protection and minimal padding and highest flexibility across the chest and elbows. The VPD Air + Tee features a lightweight and ventilated 3 layer back protector which conforms to Level 1 (1621-2) standards. The protector utilizes a flexible mesh, which is both light and highly breathable, in combination with the back protector which has a low profile. The VPD Air + Tee also incorporates the lightweight VPD Air sleeve and chest comfort padding which offers a minimal level of padding and reinforcement, but with highest levels of comfort, compression and ventilation. The sleeve and chest comfort pads offer enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement and ensure a precise and secure fit even through rough riding conditions. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Light, three quarter, 3ply chest protector with superb shock absorption - Light shock absorbing shoulder protectors - Mesh back for good ventilation - Certified EN 1621-2 3ply sheet back plate - Elastic mesh for optimal fit - Incorporates low profile sleeve and chest comfort pads - Reinforced fabric on elbow - Silicon strip at the bottom of elbow to secure in place - Perforated for optimized moisture and ventilation control
Flexible, lightweight chest and back protection for every trail ride. Comprising a chest plate and a back plate, the VPD System Torso is constructed without a jacket or vest, giving a heightened level of comfort and freedom. However you wear it, the VPD System Torso gives lightweight, certified protection and versatility. Constructed using a 3D molding process, VPD System delivers exceptional impact absorbency certified to EN1621 standards whilst also providing outstanding ventilation. VPD material softens with body heat, providing exceptional freedom of movement for the wearer. However, in an impact, the material hardens, giving outstanding protection.
Embodying the very essence of what it means to ride gravel, the Omne Ultra Mips gives protection you can make your own. Giving the freedom to improvise, the Omne Ultra Mips embodies the spirit of gravel to make do with what you have and to make everything individual. Adapting the trusted protection of the classic Omne Air Mips, the helmet features attachment points, straps and Velcro on its outer so riders could add a rain cover, an ID patch or even store small items before or after a ride. Ideal for adventure, the helmet is well ventilated, featuring an EPS liner for crash protection and a PC shell for strength and stability. The integrated 360° fit system makes it easy for every rider to find their perfect fit. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - External helmet straps and patches - Mips rotational impact protection - Slim profile
Finely tuned trail protection with patented technology, Mips Integra and full adjustability give comfort and security. Lightweight, well ventilated and with extended coverage around the temples and at the back of the head, the Axion Race Mips provides finely tuned trail protection. Ideal for a wide variety of riding styles, the helmet benefits from the addition of Mips for enhanced rotational impact protection. Unique safety features include the patented adjustable breakaway peak that reduces forces transmitted to the neck in a crash. Designed for trail and enduro riders, the Axion Race Mips benefits from channels and vents that control airflow to keep you cool in all conditions. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Patented breakaway peak - Optimised airflow ventilation - Extended protection zones
Whether on the morning commute or a long weekend club ride, the Omne Air Mips pushes you to go further. Optimal liner density and thicker core protection zones provide ideal all-round, multipurpose protection, while ventilation channels and a low weight inspired by our award-winning road cycling helmets Octal and Ventral deliver optimum comfort and functionality on longer rides. By taking our whole-helmet approach to the creation of the Omne Air Mips, the helmet delivers superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, and features a host of safety systems, including Mips for enhanced rotational impact protection. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Slim profile - Adjustable 360° fit system
Soft, comfortable and secure, the VPD Air Flow Knee takes a new approach to fit in order to boost comfort, security and freedom of movement. The VPD Air Flow Knee brings a new level of comfort to protection. Pads have been light and flexible before, but the new VPD Air Flow pads boast a comfortable and secure fit without any burdensome straps and without any scrunching of material as a result of your natural movement on the bike. Simply put, these protectors are developed so you can fit and forget. Inspired by the fit of road cycling bib shorts, the VPD Air Flow Knee stretches long up the thigh for ultimate grip and security, and no movement while you pedal. The slimline pads are certified to EN1621-1, level 1 standards yet are naturally slim, giving a simple aesthetic that combines comfort and absolute flexibility. Just two seams feature on the entire pad, enhancing all-over comfort and maximising flexibility. A tone-on-tone POC logo further enhances the discreet appearance of the pads. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Exceptionally lightweight - Certified to EN1621-1, Level 1 standards - Slimline style - Minimal stitching for enhanced comfort and flexibility - Longer arm coverage
$90.00 - $100.00
Lightweight and flexible padding that is barely noticeable - ideal for riders who want complete freedom of movement and reliable protection. The VPD Air padding is both highly flexible and highly ventilated for optimal freedom of movement, comfort and temperature control. The pad is housed in reinforced stretch fabric that stays securely in place thanks to an inner lining of anti-slip neoprene and an elastic strap with velcro fastening. A low-profile design further supports practicality and comfort, enhancing the barely-there feel of the pads. - Lightweight and impact-absorbing VPD compound - Reinforced stretch fabric - Elastic strap for a comfortable fit - Neoprene anti-slip on the inside - Designed with a low profile
$80.00 - $90.00
Developed for cyclists who want enhanced flexibility, ventilation, and freedom of movement, Joint VPD Air Elbow is a light-duty elbow pad that uses our lightweight and highly impact-absorbent VPD compound. The pad is covered in reinforced stretch fabric and features neoprene antislip to keep the pad in place, even in rough riding conditions. A crash retention strap further increases security on this lightweight and low-profile elbow pad ideally suited to trail riding. - Lightweight and impact absorbing VPD compound - Reinforced stretch fabric - Neoprene anti-slip on the inside - Designed with a low profile - Crash retention strap (CRS) for a comfortable fit - Neoprene anti-slip on the inside
Made from a combination of breathable and durable fabrics, the Essential DH Glove has been designed to provide the best feel and protection for downhill riders. The gloves incorporate EVA padding across the knuckles to provide protection against falls and abrasion while the low wrist, ventilated palm, and moisture-wicking Lycra on the back of the hand ensure the gloves stay dry and can be used all day. Silicone tabs on the braking fingers ensure good braking feel, security, and feedback. The gloves also include a terrycloth nose wipe, silicone pull tabs for securing the fit, and highly practical touch-screen-compatible thumbs. - Low wrist cuff for feel and fit - EVA padding across knuckles for protection - Moisture-wicking Lycra on back of glove - Ventilated palm for comfort and control - Silicone print on braking fingers - Touch-screen-compatible thumbs - Terrycloth nose wipe at the sides of the thumbs - Silicone pull tabs for grip and secure fit
Giving optimum feel and contact with the bike, this glove is perfectly sized for smaller hands, giving younger riders absolute grip and control in diverse conditions. Keeping younger hands protected yet giving full control and grip across a broad range of weather conditions, the Y's Resistance MTB Adj Glove is a natural choice for younger riders. Constructed using highly breathable and durable fabrics, the MTB gloves feature a ventilated palm for extra comfort in hotter weather. Ideal for longer days on the trails, the gloves feature silicone patches on the fingers for extra grip on the brakes so young riders feel completely in control as they test their skills in challenging conditions. • Ventilated palm • Adjustable wrist closure • Silicone grips • Touchscreen compatible
Stay comfortable when the temperature rises with the Essential Short Glove. Breathable 4-way stretch material across the back of the hand gives lightweight comfort, while ventilation on the palm controls moisture management at this key contact point between rider and bike. This thin glove ensures that feedback from the bike is maximized while supporting rider comfort. Technical features include a silicone print for improved grip, a terrycloth nose wipe, and a pull tab with silicone print so it's easy to get the glove on and off. - Breathable 4-way stretch mesh fabric on backside of the hand - Ventilated palm - Silicone print on the palm for improved grip - Terrycloth nose wipe - Pull tab with silicone print for excellent grip
Developed specifically for MTB, the Savant glove perfectly balances comfort and contact with the bike for ultimate control for the duration of your ride. The glove features a thin ventilated palm to ensure comfort while maintaining close contact with the handlebar. Silicone grips help keep your hands in the right place. A mesh fabric with stretch covers the back of the hand, enhancing overall ventilation, keeping you comfortable and in control, even through the biggest efforts. Giving close contact with the bike and plenty of ventilation, the Savant MTB glove ensures comfort and control in a broad range of conditions. "• Ventilated palm • Silicone grips • Touchscreen compatible • Breathable mesh back"
Giving comfort and control throughout the season, the Deft Short Glove delivers ultimate control and feedback in all conditions. Breathable stretch fabric covers the back of the hand, and an elasticated cuff ensures a comfortable, close and secure fit. The palm features a reinforced zone to give extra comfort, helping to absorb vibrations from the road. A silicone print on the palm improves grip, helping ensure your hands stay firm and in control even after hours in the saddle. Breathable fabric A breathable polyester back with 4-way stretch gives a close and comfortable fit. Ventilated palm A perforated fabric palm with a reinforced zone gives good contact with the bike while providing ventilation. Elasticated cuff An elasticated cuff gives a secure fit. Pull Tab A pull tab between the fingers makes it easier to get the gloves on and off. Silicone print Tabs of silicone print on the palm of the hand give extra grip and control. Nose wipe Terrycloth nose wipe on the thumb.
Giving lightweight protection to the shins, this sock features a stronger knit for better durability. Constructed with a stronger knit in specific areas to enhance protection, the sock is breathable, moisture wicking and has a shaft length that gives protective coverage to the ankles and lower shin. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Soft and breathable - Stronger knit improves durability - Reinforced zones around the heel and toe - Instep support - 20cm shaft
A lightweight, breathable sock featuring a strong rib knit for strength and comfort on summer rides. An easy choice for summer rides, the Lithe sock combines a mesh zone on the upper foot for enhanced ventilation with a strong rib knit on the shaft for strength and comfort. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Soft and breathable - Reinforced zones around the heel and toe - Instep support - 16cm shaft
A longer shaft combined with a padded sole ensures optimal comfort and protection across the seasons. Created specifically for mountain biking, the Lure sock features extra padding under the sole for all-day comfort. A longer, 20cm, shaft enhances protection up the shin, while a breathable rib knit gives support and comfort. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - Soft and breathable - Rib knit construction - Padded foot bed - High-density band gives support around the middle of the foot - 20cm shaft
Breathable and with good moisture wicking properties, the Flair Sock combines different knit structures for comfort and support across the foot and up the leg. Simply by combining different knit structures, the Flair Sock enhances comfort and support across the foot and up the leg, meaning your feet stay feeling fresh for longer. A breathable, moisture-wicking yarn keeps feet feeling dry, giving extra comfort through every effort. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - 16cm shaft length - Dual structure - High-density band for extra foot support
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