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Skin Care

How Does LactiGo Help? LactiGo helps to reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue, while actively working to speed up muscle recovery time. The key ingredients in LactiGo Performance & Recovery Gel are carnosine and magnesium. Carnosine Carnosine helps in building better muscle quality and helps to increase endurance and improve exercise performance. Carnosine also helps with reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up muscle recovery time. Magnesium Magnesium helps alleviate joint and muscle pain, and helps to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance. Applying magnesium gel on your muscles allows the magnesium to be absorbed into the body and helps to quickly deliver the mineral into the glands, lymph channels and bloodstream to help reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue. Magnesium also encourages the regeneration of muscle tissues. The form of magnesium in LactiGo is magnesium sulphate which is commonly found in epsom salt.
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