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Bike Buying Guides

Buying guides for all things bike related

Doing research or need guidance on your next bike related purchase? Not sure where to start? Check out our buying guides!

Bike Buying Guides

Electric Bike Buying Guide

How to choose an electric bike. This guide will cover the benefits of E-bikes, the styles, and everything you need to know about choosing the right E-bike for you and how to care for it.  

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Mountain Bike Buying Guide

Choosing the right mountain bike is the first step to an unforgettable adventure. Our comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate through the countless options and find the perfect bike for your needs. 

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Road & Gravel Bike Buying Guide

There is a lot of information and options when it comes to road and gravel bikes. This guide discusses the differences between road & gravel bikes and how to decide which bike is right for you.

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Kids' Bike Buying Guide

Whether your little one is ready for their first bike ever or a bigger size, our guide will help you make the right choice. The guide discusses sizing, types of kids' bikes, and features to look for.

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Components Buying Guides

Silca Hot Wax Buying Guide

This guide discusses what hot wax is, why to use, and how to use it. A comprehensive tutorial video along with step by step instructions.

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Maxxis Tire Buying Guide

Choosing the right tire can feel complicated, which is why we made this guide that includes information on choosing the right tire size, popular Maxxis tire pairings, tires by riding type, and the different technology.

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Accessories Buying Guides

Nutrition Buying Guide

What you consume before, during, and after a ride can make a big impact on your performance on a ride and the recovery afterwards. Check out our guide on hydration and snacks!

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Bike Packing Bag Buying Guide

In this guide, we will focus on a major bike packing essential, bike bags. The bike bag set up you decide on dictates how you carry weight on your bike, what you can bring, and where you can stash your items.

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