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Get more from your car & your adventures.
Carrying bikes safely, securely and in style.


Multi-sport Trailers

With Thule multi-sport trailers, you and your kids can share your passions, whatever the season and wherever you want to go. Whether it's strolling, biking, jogging, or cross-country skiing.


Get the perfect bike rack for your car

With a bike rack for cars from Thule, you’ll be able to cycle on distant roads or bike far from home through wild terrain. Thule's car bike racks come in different types and can be mounted on your roof, hitch, towbar, or on your trunk. If you already own a roof rack, a roof bike rack could be the simplest solution, however a trunk or hitch mounted rack is often easier to load and unload and suits heavier bikes

Hitch Mounted Racks

Trunk Mounted Racks

Pick-Up & Spare Tire Racks

Roof Mounted Racks

Parts & Accessories