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Group Rides

Right From Our Back Door

Group Road Rides

The Bike Shop North is proud to host group road rides, twice weekly right from our back door.  With varying routes and experienced leadership we make sure all our riders have a great time.  Ride pace ranges from 25-40 km/hr with multiple group leaders to make sure all rider paces are covered.  If you're new to group rides come out and join us!


  • All riders must sign a waiver prior to their first ride with us.  If you have ridden with us in the past the waiver has changed for 2018 and you must sign a new waiver.
  • All riders must have a functioning rear blinking light.
  • All riders are required to weaar a helmet at all times
  • All riders are required to be on a drop bar.

Please note "road bike" knobby tires are allowed but these will make it significantly more difficult to maintain the group pace.  We suggest switching to smoother road tires in order to fully enjoy the group rides.

Wednesday Ride:

The Wednesday ride is an evening ride starting at 6:15 pm.  This ride will stay closer to the North Store, based around the Royal Oak & Bearspaw neighbourhoods, with the ride duration averaging 25-45 km in total.  All loops will involve rolling terrain and light winds so be prepared to get out of the saddle and push through a headwind from time to time.  The average ride time on the Wednesday evening ride is 60-90 minutes so be prepared to be in the saddle for a minimum of this time frame.

Sunday Ride:  

The Sunday ride is a morning ride starting at 10 am.  This ride will utilize the same route as the Wednesday evening ride with the exceptions of the route being further and the pace will be faster.  This ride averages 60-100 km with the average pace closer to 30 km/hr.


The Bike Shop has partnered with YYCMTB to provide mountain bikers of all levels a chance to get out on the trails and build their skills in a group ride setting through the YYCMTB Season's Pass program.

What is the YYCMTB Season’s Pass Program?

YYCMTB provides weekly rides from late May into September with a focus on mountain bike skill building in a group ride setting. Their guides will provide tips and skill demos to improve your riding, but it’s not as defined as a formal coaching session. The focus is on riding and having fun! Most rides will be in the evenings after work, but there are opportunities to go for more challenging rides on the weekends.

Rides will be organized by ability, not gender. YYCMTB rides trails in Fish Creek Provincial Park, West Bragg Creek, Station Flats, Moose Mountain and more!